Gaby Berglund Cárdenas (Director/Performer/Installation) and Bev Hayes (Co-director/Film/Photo/Editing)

Hyphae is about the elemental uncertainty of time, space and being, shot during the Global Pandemic Covid-19. This video shows behind the scenes from Hyphae, while Cárdenas was undoing a thread installation made during her performance in a woodland forest in Sweden. Cárdenas, who has been practicing meditation and tai chi for years, directed and performed a walking meditation and a choreography amongst an elliptical gathering of trees during the Global Pandemic. The transformation that happens to the space in the forest during her performance and experience of flow is a metaphor for transmutation and purification. Hayes captured the performer in her creative process and natural environment, by fusing these ethereal elements of time, space and being in a combined digital visceral form. With Hyphae the artists imagine a world where all types of humans and nature forge their duality into a oneness, thereby living in harmony or mutualism.

Beverley Hayes

(b. 1973, Liverpool)

  • Bachelor of Fine Art U.W.E (Bristol)
  • Studio Practice in Photo Printmaking (SWEDEN)
  • Trained Photographer in Film & Digital Studios (UK)

Instagram: @bevhayes_artist

Gaby Berglund Cárdenas

(b. Guayaquil)

  • MFA Kyungsung Univ., S. Korea 2011
  • Asian philosophy studies, S. Korea/U.S.A.
  • Multidisciplinary art practice
  • 10 year international exhibition experience

Instagram: @gabyberglundcardenas